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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Set/ Adjust/ Customize Computer Screen or Display Resolutions

Nowadays many computers support high-resolution video systems. You can adjust the number of colors and resolution for your display by clicking the settings tab on the display properties dialog box. This can also be done on monitor adjustment buttons at the bottom of the screen if any. They allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, screen position etc. These are just simple adjustments but for detailed adjustments Left click desktop and select properties to get display properties dialog box.

A theme is a background plus a set of sound, icons, and other elements to help you personalize your computer with one click. You can select your theme from the drop down menu, internet or modify it from the desktop tab.

This is the background picture or color displayed on your screen behind your icons and files. You can change the color of your desktop or stretch and change your background photo. select customize desktop to change your icon images or add more icon. You can also select a web page to be your desktop background.

As the name suggest it saves the computer screen from burning an image on the screen when the image is displayed for long time. Set your favorite screensaver from dropdown menu. Preview it and Select the time it will start running when computer is idle. You can also set the power of the screen or computer to cut out. click on the power button. It brings power saver dialog box.

The appearance of your windows, buttons, menus, fonts, colors and other visual effects can be set here. The advanced button helps you to change the appearance of other windows you work with like the dialog box, scrollbar etc. The Effect button allows you to change the appearance of icons, transition effect, screen fonts etc

This allows you to set the screen resolution to you desired size. Usually this is resolutions are defined by your software applications. The high resolutions also aid those with visual impairment. You can also set your color quality. The higher the color quality, the slower your computer refresh rate/loading. Troubleshoot or select advanced button option for further setting options like Dpi, screen refresh rate, troubleshooting and color management.

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