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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to Share Files Between Different Users In Windows

Sometimes a file needs to be used by different users of a computer. This would not be possible if a user is not administrator in the computer or when there are other many user accounts in the computer. These works well with files like documents, music, photos etc,etc. You will need to move the shared file to shared documents folder in my computer.

How to share a file.
1.Open the folder containing the file you want to share.
2.Go to my computer :::>Shared Documents
3.Let the 2 folders share your screen by being visible and not overlapping.
4. Click and drag the file you want to share from its folder to shared document folder. Your file will be moved without copying. You can copy if you wish.
5.Open your file from My computer:::>Shared Documents folder


  1. Thank you for this useful article. I needed to share a file with my sister, but I had no idea about this thing. It's quite easy to do this... these are very simple steps and now when I'll want to share something with a different user in Windows, I'll know how to do it :D

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